Welcome to Cupcake and Cookie, where we specialize in Cupcake filled Cookies™, and Cookie filled Cupcakes™!

My name is Dorothy, but most people know me as The Cupcake Princess. Cupcake and Cookie is the dorothypicresult of my lifelong love affair with dessert, which began when I could eat! My parents soon found out that they gave birth to a dessert fiend – I refused to eat anything that wasn’t sweet (except for broccoli, but that’s another story). I literally grew up on cake, cookies, ice-cream, brownies. You can see my cakes at www.toptiercakes.co.uk. I promise you will like! Not only are they super delicious, but I love cupcakes and desserts SO much because they can put an instant smile on anyone’s face. A cute little package, that packs a ton of joy. Every dessert is an instant shot of happiness! When someone gives you a cupcake, you know they love you! Every single dessert here at Cupcake and Cookie is carefully prepared in small batches and a generous serving of love. You can also see custom cakes and cupcakes at www.cakeinabox.co.uk. They are my partner site, who have very helpful bakery staff always willings to assist amatuer bakers.